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Session Fee
$150 & up

 I take all major Credit Cards, Cash, or Checks! 

Hypnosis is not a service that is accepted by your insurance companies, but it may be refundable through your Cafeteria Plan! 

There is a small fee for use of Credit or Debit cards.  2.5% 

Fees are based on program chosen.  Starting at

$150.00 single session $300.00 - 3 visits. 
Some follow-up sessions can be done by telephone. 

Sessions are by appointment only. 
Telephone consultation is FREE

(501) 416-0066




Single Session -  $175.00 and includes a take home CD

Reserve 2 hours for your session

Ask about discounts on multiple sessions programs such as Weight Loss/Health Coaching!

Ask about Group Discounts and Group Sessions (two or more people)

By appointment only - Monday - Thursday after 4:00 pm

Consultations are FREE!

Tips to choose your Hypnotist

Make sure you are comfortable with the Hypnotist you choose.  Do you like what they say, did they listen to you and your thoughts, and do you like their voice?  It is important for your success!

Ask the Hypnotist if they are certified and a member of a Certifying Organization, such as the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Ask if they keep up their continuing education requirements, like all professionals should.

My Pledge and your role:

I am a Board Certified (NGH) Consulting Hypnotist and a Registered Nurse.  I take your session very seriously.  It is my job and passion for you to succeed in reaching your goal.  All consultations and sessions are confidential.  Trust is very important. You success is based on that trust! All I ask is that you follow my directions and suggestions and take them seriously. Many people ask about guarantees.  The guarantee is in youAre you ready? It is your dedication to yourself, that will determine your outcome.  You should believe in yourself and ability to make positive changes.  My role is to be your guide to make those changes.  As any doctor can't guarantee a medication cure an illness, there can't be a guarantee given with hypnosis.  Make sure that YOU want this change, 1st and foremost, your success rate could fall, if you are coming because of another person's wishes. 

Call me for your FREE consultation and to see if Hypnosis is for you! (501) 416-0066 or email me @

Thank you,

Teresa Perciful,RN,BCH

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